For the Public Understanding of Science: 2022 The Sci-tech Activity Week & 18th Public Science Day

Release time :2022-07-12

As one of the pioneers for scientific advances worldwide, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is always taking up the mission of advancing the public understanding of science as an everlasting work. On May 21st this year, USTC held the Sci-tech Activity Week and the 18th Public Science Day in response to the national appeal for propagating scientific spirt, introducing its latest scientific and technical innovations and achievements to the general public.

(pupils reading the popular science book series from USTC Press, image from USTC )


(laboratory showing, image from USTC)

The theme for this year is “getting close to the sci & tech, keeping up with you & I”. Even though the pandemic has posed barrier against massive display, USTC still managed to reach a wide range of audience. 9 science popularization reports, 27 science popularization stations, and 105 science popularization programs are organized on the campus, while 11 science popularization stations are set online for those who can’t attend in person.

The event invited researchers from multiple fields to deliver speeches, covering aspects from theoretical investigation to practical application. Thus, they together built a clear picture for the public to understand about scientific research as well as cultivated the spirt of scientists among the audience. USTC principal, Prof. BAO Xinhe talked about carbon energy and shared his opinions on hitting emission peak and realizing carbon neutrality.

(Prof.BAO delivering his speech, image from USTC)

The atmosphere is heated at the science popularization stations. The attractive displays and interesting games showed the charm of science to students from local schools who attended the activities in person. Following the pandemic controlling restrictions, all the stations offered the young with a colorful tour to science and technology.

(science popularization stations, image from USTC)

    In the meantime, several schools and main laboratories were broadcasting and introducing their research via multiple online streaming platforms. Operating online and offline, this event opened a window for the general public to embrace the beauty of science and technology. More importantly, they helped to fulfill the mission: improving the public’s understanding of science.

Written by ZHU Yuqi, edited by LIU Zige, USTC NEWS CENTER.