McMaster University-USTC Customized Online E-Health Summer Program Held an Opening Ceremony

Release time :2022-07-12

At 8:00 am on June 6th, 2022, USTC and McMaster University (Canada) held an online cooperative opening ceremony for the 2022 customized online e-Health summer program at the south branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC. The principal assistant Prof. XUE Tian attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The delegates from International Office and e-Health program team of McMaster University, the assistant dean Prof. BAO Wei and Prof. SONG Guiqi of School of Clinical Medicine, USTC, delegates from Office of International Cooperation, USTC and the first 13 students of the program attended the ceremony. Prof. CAI Yifu, the deputy director of Office of International Cooperation hosted the opening ceremony.

The principal assistant Prof. XUE Tian extended warm congratulations on the opening of USTC and McMaster University e-Health program. McMaster University has strong scientific research competence in many fields including medical engineering and management. Based on this customized program, the international exchanges and cooperation in scientific research and talent training in subjects like life sciences and medicine between two universities will be further promoted.

Mr. Ni Jadon, the senior communications officer from International Office of McMaster University expressed his gratitude to the generous support from both sides and looked forward to the further cooperation and closer partnership with us. Prof. Norm Archer from DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University introduced the importance of e-Health in future medical development and expected the students to enhance communication with the teachers and improve their competitiveness by learning the courses.

Office of International Cooperation closely cooperated with USTC Life Sciences and Medicine to conduct many discussions on the content and mode of cooperation with McMaster University for the program. It is USTC’s first customized department cooperation program with overseas university in medical science. It’s also the first cooperation program with overseas university for School of Clinical Medicine. USTC will lay this program as a foundation for continuously promoting deeper and more practical international cooperation in clinical medicine.

(Written by LI Ang, edited by TONG Xinyang, USTC News Center)